Adult Fellowship

Adult Fellowship provides an opportunity for adults of any age to get together for fellowship.

The group does many different types of activities such as going to plays or concerts, going out to eat, sponsoring events for people of all ages such as travelogs, movies, annual bratwurst feed (in cooperation with WELCA), and more. Many events are open to people of all ages, not just adults.

There is no membership list or requirement, as events are provided for anyone who has an interest in that particular event with no expectations for further involvement

Upcoming Events:

How to Talk Minnesotan
February 18, 2018
2:00 pm
Mantorville Opera House

Come with us for this comedic musical about the fine art of living and talking Minnesotan. Ed and Lucy Humde and their friends at the Lost Walleye Lodge will teach you all you need to know, like the positive power of the negative, how to accept food on the third offer, the basic uses of “You bet,” “Whatever,” and “That’s different,” and the perfect recipe via the song “Hotdish Hallelujah.” St. John’s Adult Fellowship will meet up for the Sunday matinee February 18 at 2:00 pm. To get the group ticket rate ($21), contact Barb Pike ( or (507) 634-7179) or Katie Livingood ( by February 15.