As temperatures here in Minnesota are dropping, many of us look forward to sweatshirts and hot chocolate to keep warm, but the reality is that over 9,000 individuals in Minnesota are homeless, no matter what the temperature outside is. Of those, 23% are under the age of 18. In an effort to raise money to benefit programs for homeless and at-risk individuals and families in Dodge County, and to raise awareness about this problem right here at home, we’ll be joining with other groups in Dodge County for a “Cardboard Box City” on Friday, October 28, 2016.

What is a Cardboard Box City?

Participants set up their cardboard box shelter outside and spend the night. Their experience will give them a small taste of what it’s like to be without a safe, warm place to sleep at night and be a visual reminder to those in the community about the existence of homelessness right here in Dodge County.

How can you participate?

Register now to participate.

The event is:
Friday, October 28, 2016
Location: Faith Lutheran Church in Dodge Center
Set up begins at 4 pm, registration 4-6 pm

  • There is a $25 per person registration fee. The goal is for every person who registers for this event to raise $100 besides the registration fee. We will have prizes for the most money raised so get as many donations as you can! Proceeds will go toward Dodge County SEMCAC’s special projects.
  • Make your own cardboard shelter (or a group shelter for extra warmth). A heavy box makes for a warmer shelter. You will need to clean your site and recycle your box at the end of the event.
  • Bring a warm sleeping bag, pillow, and clear packing tape. Bring a mat or two to keep you off the ground. It is also a good idea to use a tarp over your box to keep out wind and rain.
  • Recommended clothes to be worn in layers: warm cap that covers the ears, long underwear (top and bottom), warm long sleeve sweat shirt or sweater, warm windproof jacket (ski jacket or parka), warm pants, snow pants or ski pants to wear over regular pants, wool or synthetic material socks (wear two or three pair at once), boots, loose fitting and waterproof, mittens. Tight clothing/boots make you colder!
  • Set up of cardboard boxes can happen earlier than 4 pm if you’d like.
  • Event T-shirts will be on sale for $15 ($20 for long sleeves). Proceeds will go to SEMCAC.
  • Families can participate together.
  • Everything will be held outside except the meals will be served in the church fellowship hall.
  • Coffee and hot chocolate will be available. Please don’t bring snacks to help us make this event more realistic for the youth.
  • Soup supper will be served between 6 & 7 pm in the church.
  • Participants will be in “bed” by 11 pm.
  • A simple breakfast will be served at 7:30 am in the church fellowship hall.
  • You can pick up your child after they have helped clean up. (between 8:30-9)