Food for Friends Backpack Program

What may look like an ordinary backpack to you and me, is actually seen as a superpower-carrying bag to children who receive it from the Kasson-Mantorville Food For Friends backpack program. Each week during the school year Channel One Regional Food Bank and our partner organizations deliver nutritious foods to students who are at-risk of hunger on weekends and school breaks.

They are elementary and middle school children from diverse backgrounds and situations within┬áthe Kasson-Mantorville school district. They are children who will go hungry without our help. Not having access to food can have a serious impact in the lives of these children. It not only affects their physical and mental development, but also their academic achievement and thus, future success. To the children affected by hunger, these backpacks filled with food represent the opportunity to learn, grow and dream about their futures! Doesn’t every child deserve that?

Channel-1-Regional-Food-BankPositive results of programs like Food for Friends, as communicated to Channel One by school personnel, include improvements in attendance, concentration and behavior. Together, with the Channel One and Kasson-Mantorville Schools we are bringing this hunger relief to young learners. We are thrilled that St. John’s Lutheran Church of Kasson and United Methodist Church of Dodge Center have committed to partnering in support of the Foods for Friends Backpack Program.

There are at 150 little minds and bodies in the community who are counting on us for nutritious meals on weekends and school breaks. We are asking for your help because we cannot feed these children alone. A gift of $108 will help feed one child on the weekends throughout the entire school year. The Food for Friends Backpack Program is truly a success story of how collaboration between community members can help us feed children and change lives.

Thank you!  Together, we can make a huge impact in the fight against hunger!

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Food for Friends Donation
Food for Friends Donation
Sponsor a backpack for the year! After adding it to your cart, you can select a quantity, so feel free to sponsor one for $108/year or more! (ex. 5 for $540) You can also use the option below to donate another amount.

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