Food for Friends

What is Food For Friends?

Food For Friends is a program that provides nutritious, child-friendly, and easy-to-prepare foods to Kasson-Mantorville students in Preschool through Grade 12. There is no cost to the student of family to participate in Food For Friends.

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We envision a community in which all students and families have access to sufficient, nutritious food.


The mission of Food For Friends is to discreetly create year-round access to nutritious and child-friendly food for Kasson-Mantorville students who are at risk for hunger.

Throughout the School Year

What may look like an an ordinary backpack to you and me, is actually seen as a superpower carrying bag filled weekly with food for Preschool and Elementary students. Middle School and High School students have access to an in-school food shelf.

Throughout the Summer

Food For Friends serves any family who will benefit by receiving supplemental snacks, meals, bread, eggs and milk.


Not having access to food can have a serious impact in the lives of children. It not only affects their physical and mental development, but also their academic achievements and thus, future success. To the children affected by hunger, these backpacks and food shelves filled with food represent the opportunity to learn, grow and dream about their futures! Doesn’t every child deserve that?

Positive Results of Food For Friends?

  • Improvement in Attendance
  • Increase Concentration
  • Above the Line Behavior
  • Improvement in Health

FFF Quote - cost per childHow to Donate

All food and cash donations that Food For Friends receives stay in our local community to help feed students in need. Every pound of food and dollar is important to alleviate hunger insecurity with our youngest learners.

Donate with PayPal or a Credit Card

Food for Friends Donation
Food for Friends Donation
Sponsor a backpack for the year! After adding it to your cart, you can select a quantity, so feel free to sponsor one for $108/year or more! (ex. 5 for $540) You can also use the option below to donate another amount.

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Thank you!  Together, we can make a huge impact in the fight against hunger!