RandyFettFriends, what is the mission of the church? The church has asked this question ever since the day of Jesus Christ. The church was founded on Christ’s death and resurrection, on God’s plan of salvation. Nowadays with all the challenges that we face in culture, throughout the world, and even in the church we ask if this mission is even possible. This month we engage the belief that “yes, it is possible.” Invite people to church, invite them to join you in your work groups, ministry teams, events, or studies.

“We are a faith – filled community, welcoming, inspiring, serving, and reaching out through the love of God.” We have so much to offer. Each of us is a Christ engaging presentation of the mission. Now “Go,” as Jesus says, “Go, and do mission.”

On Sunday, the 2nd we remember all of those saints in our community who have died in the past year, from the 2nd-12th we will do a survey on summer worship, on the 9th we share in the women’s Thank Offering service and vote on Amanda’s AIM call, on Sunday, the 2rd we dedicate all the memorials that were given in the past year, and on Thanksgiving eve, the 26th, we worship at 6:30 p.m.

God bless you,

Pastor Randy