Ministry of Encouragement

Several times a year members of St. John’s go on a “Ministry of Encouragement” visit, or an MOE, to a social service agency or nonprofit organization in our community to thank their workers and volunteers for all they do for our community. Although our visits are short – only as long as it takes to set up the food, introduce ourselves, and present a certificate of thanks (about 15-20 minutes) – these MOEs are powerful ways to thank those whose work in our community goes largely unnoticed.

Since the start of this ministry in 2015, we have visited:

MOE to Opportunity Services May 15

Our next MOE visit is to Opportunity Services May 15. Please join us May 15 at 3:00 pm as we gather to show appreciation to the staff of Opportunity Services (OS), Kasson, MN. The staff of fifteen provide day care for people with mental and physical disabilities, ages 28-83 years. The mission of OS is to have their clients make a positive integration into this community and a meaningful contribution to society. Sign-up sheets are available at the Welcome Center. We will meet at St. John’s at 3:00 pm, on Tuesday, May 15, and travel as a group to the OS building. For questions call Mary Adam at 507-696-8469 or Ardis Grovdahl at 507-634-7644.