We are looking for some great people to help us out! Due to some members of our money counting team deciding to share their talents in new ways with the congregation, we are looking to find some new volunteers to help us with this weekly project. Ideally, we are looking for three teams of two to help us count and deposit the weekly offerings into the bank. The current counters worked Monday mornings, but we can work with the new team to determine if this time works best or if we need to move it to Thursday morning or Monday afternoon as a couple of options – we can be flexible.

This position works great if you have a good friend to help you out as teams of two help us ensure we have dual controls and ensure we are accurate in our counting each week. If just you yourself are interested, that also works just fine. We are hoping to establish some rotation within this group to ensure we always have tenured people on board and people do not feel like it is a commitment for life. You can sign on for a term of 1-3 years and then decide if it is something you wish to continue or not at the end of your term. This allows us to better plan for turnover when you wish to share your talents in other ways with our congregation.

If interested, please reach out to treasurer Adam Richards (aerichards1977@gmail.com or (507) 251-0677) or a member of the congregational council.