Here are some photos from Pastor Mioche in Haiti. The Bouyaha School, which the people of St. John’s helped Pastor Mioche start, opened with 16 kids in 2002. The kids started school for this school year a couple of weeks ago. There are now 302 kids kindergarten through 6th grade. The students have done a great job taking the national exams for the 6th grade for the past four years – 100%, 97%, 100%, and 100% passing rates. The children are so excited to attend school this year in new classrooms. Thank you to those of you who helped this dream comes true! Praise God! The 3rd addition – the administration wing (computer lab, library, principle’s office, and storage) to the school – isn’t finished yet. It will cost between $20,000-30,000. Going to be putting a cement roof on so there can be a 2nd story.

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