Needed: Leaders for 2019

Do you feel called to serve St. John’s in a leadership capacity in 2019? At the Annual Meeting on January 20, we will elect two new council members and members of the St. John’s Foundation, Nominating Committee, and Audit Committee. We’re also seeking youth and adults to attend the 2019 Southeastern Minnesota Synod Assembly May 31-June 1 in Rochester. This year’s assembly will include electing a new synod bishop! If you feel God’s call to serve in any of these capacities – or know someone who should – contact Joel Mindermann ( or (507) 634-3121), Sharyn French ( or (507) 696-2341), or the office.

Continuing our conversation

Jen Smith
Council President

Thank you to all who took the time to engage in discussion at the All Commission meeting on September 23. We had an excellent representation of commission leaders as well as staff and other programs supported by St. Johns including Lutefisk, Creation Kids Preschool, and Food for Friends. It is my hope that each commission will continue the conversations we started. We discussed strengths and challenges of St. John’s as well as ways to empower each of out commissions to carry out the work identified by each. Looking forward, we challenge each commission to review the minutes from this meeting and discuss strategies to utilize our strengths to overcome our challenges. Each of you were left with homework. We have asked each commission to identify: “What is most important right now?” and “Who must do what?” To be successful, these two questions must be asked by all of us on a regular basis. As we complete tasks and transition through the seasons of the church, these answers will change. I encourage each of you to see where your time and talents can be shared with St. Johns. Together, we can live as witnesses of Jesus Christ and serve the many programs and ministries of St. John’s. Continue to prayerfully reflect all that you see God doing through us.

In addition to the minutes from the meeting, you can also review the packet that was distributed at the meeting.

All Commission Meeting

On Sunday, September 23 following worship everyone involved with a commission, committee, or organization at St. John’s is invited to an All Commission Meeting. The meeting is scheduled 11:30 am – 2:00 pm, lunch will be served.

This will be a great opportunity to bring everyone to the table. Many of the ministries lean on each other. By getting everyone together we can work as one voice. If you are not on a Commission but are looking to get involved, this is an excellent day to participate and find out where your talents can serve.

Every commission is asked to answer some questions and submit them by September 19. Read the full details here or in the office.

2015 Church Council

The list below indicates the current 2015 Church Council and the Commissions and/or Committees they have been assigned to as their board representative. You can always find a listing at

Dennis Foster, President (Patty)
Executive, Personnel

Deb Smith, Vice President  (Wayne)
Executive, Finance, Worship & Music, Foundation, Memorials

Adam Richards, Secretary  (Angie)
Executive, Evangelism

Jay Harris, Treasurer (Denise)
Executive, Finance

Carol Cady
Altar Guild, Evangelism

Roger Carlsen (Lori)

Wayne Hendrickson (Genny)

Bill Thornburg (Sherri)
Youth & Family, Education

Tim Tjosaas (Chris)
Creation Kids Preschool, Education

Dan Ziebell