A Successful Lutefisk Dinner, Looking Ahead to Next Year

The lutefisk committee is happy to report that the proceeds from the 2017 event were dispersed as follows:

  • Southeastern Minnesota Synod Mission Support – $20,000
  • Projects and programs at St. John’s – approximately $5,000
    • Property Commission
    • Youth Education (Vacation Bible School, Sunday School, Confirmation/trips)
    • Creation Kids Preschool
    • Three 8-foot white tables
  • Operation Christmas Child – $100
  • Missionary Sponsorship – $40

Make plans now to volunteer make next year’s dinner a success. The 57th annual lutefisk dinner will be held on Thursday, October 25, 2018. Lefse bakes will be Wednesday mornings for 9 weeks beginning August 22. Renee Solberg is the Dinner Chairperson and Marge Albright is the Lefse Bake Leader.

Lutefisk Wrap-Up 2017

2017 Lutefisk Dinner Meals Served: 1,867

As we opened our front doors at 9:00 am on October 26, 2017, we knew it was going to be a great day for our 56th annual lutefisk dinner! From the beautifully decorated narthex and sanctuary to the welcoming smiles of our greeters, the guests were eager to participate in a delectable dining experience!

Behind the scenes, workers had arrived before 6 am to cut and bag 1,700 pounds of fish. Others were just as busy preparing gravy, setting up the parking lot, arranging bake sale items and enjoying the ‘spirit’ of working on lutefisk day. It’s always fun to reconnect with former members who travel to Kasson to provide an extra pair of hands and to also see so many Kasson community members share in our dinner.

Our congregational endeavor allows us to disburse $20,000 from the profits as mission support to our ELCA synod. In addition, the bake sale table proceeds of $7,950 will be used to fund various projects at St. John’s over the next several months. Thank you, the members of St. John’s, for your generous donations of money, time and talents which allow us to keep the ticket price at $16. We also want to thank those of you who helped with lefse baking week after week beginning in late August. Not many congregations in the area make their own lefse.

Mange takk (many thanks)!



1,867 meals served

A heartfelt thank you to the people of St. John’s for your tireless efforts in hosting a very successful 56th annual lutefisk dinner!

Total Meals Served in 2017: 1,867

Lutefisk Take Out Meals Will be Available

If you wish to call ahead and have a takeout meal delivered curbside to you in the parking lot, please call (507) 634-7110 beginning Monday, October 23. Inform the parking lot attendant if you have called ahead and are picking up a takeout meal; they will direct you to the takeout parking area.

Special Information for Lutefisk Workers

If you are working in a public area on Thursday, please wear white shirts and black pants; vest/aprons and name tags will be available in the church library for your use. Do not bring purses or valuables in to the church on Thursday; we cannot be responsible for lost items. Workers may purchase a meal for $6 in the take-out room and then eat in Sunday School Rooms 8 and 9 before or after their shift. Please be considerate of where you park and leave those parking spots closest to the entrance open for our guests.

Lutefisk 2017: Where Can You Help?

Tuesday, October 24:

  • 7:30 am – cut and peel rutabagas in church kitchen (bring your own knife if you have a favorite)

Wednesday, October 25:

  • 7 am – cook rutabagas in church kitchen
  • 8 am – meatball prep in church kitchen
  • 9 am to 8 pm – bring in the food donations requested in the congregational letters mailed to your home and additional items for the bake sale table
  • 12 noon – potluck for workers (bring a dish to share)

Thursday, October 26:

  • 6:30 am – bag lutefisk (wear old clothes)
  • 8 am to 10 pm – workers are still needed in many areas; contact Renee Solberg if you can help –


Lutefisk Bake Sale Items

Please specifically label your Lutefisk Dinner Bake Sale items (i.e. nuts, flavorings, etc.). Please consider donating to our bake sale. All proceeds from the bake sale table are used throughout the year to fund a variety of our congregation’s projects.

Last lefse bake

The last lefse bake will be held on Wednesday, October 18. There will be a celebratory brunch served mid-morning. If you can join us, please sign up for the brunch with either Marge Albright ( or Shelley Gustafson ( by Monday, October 16.

A very special thank you to Becky Knoepke and the many volunteers who cooked and riced potatoes for nine Tuesday evenings in the church kitchen. Tuesday night volunteers are also welcome to attend our brunch on October 18. This year’s lefse bakes went very well and we have some great lefse ready to be served and sold at our lutefisk dinner!

Lutefisk Dinner Setup

Lutefisk Dinner room set up begins Sunday, October 22, 2017 at 11 am. Please let Renee Solberg ( know if you can help with covering floors and setting up rooms.

Lutefisk donation letters

Lutefisk donation letters have been mailed to each St. John’s household. If you didn’t receive a letter with your family’s donation request, or if you are not a member but would like to contribute, please contact the office. YOUR DONATIONS are important to the success of our dinner!

These Glass Bowls Needed

If you like to attend garage/estate sales or perhaps have these in your home, please be on the lookout for two small sized glass bowls that are no longer available to purchase new (see picture below for specific style and measurement). If you would consider donating these, we could use more of these in our church kitchen!

Ice Cream Pails Needed

If you have any empty ice cream pails with lids that you could donate, please bring to the church office before October 20, 2017 to be used the week of the lutefisk dinner.

Norwegian Cookie Bake

Make plans now to attend the Norwegian Cookie Bake in the church kitchen on Monday, October 16, 2017, beginning at 2 pm. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to bake these special treats, this is your opportunity. All supplies will be provided!

Looking Ahead: Lutefisk 2017

Make plans now to help with the 56th annual Lutefisk Dinner to be held on Thursday, October 26, 2017. Lefse bakes began on August 23 and will continue Wednesdays through October 18. In addition to lefse bakes, you can volunteer in many different capacities. Renee Solberg will continue as dinner chairperson; Shelley Gustafson and Marge Albright will again serve as co-lefse leaders.

If you have been looking to become more involved, the lutefisk committee welcomes new members. Our current members have all served many years and for this dinner to continue, new leaders need to join the committee. Please think about saying “YES”!

The lutefisk committee is pleased to report that most proceeds from the 2016 dinner and bake sale have been dispersed. Many organizations and groups have benefited from our proceeds. THANK YOU!

Lefse Baking Begins — GAME ON!


LEFSE BAKE SETUPS begin Tuesday, August 22, 1 pm to 3 pm, and continue every Tuesday through October 17. For questions about lefse bakes and lefse bake setups, contact: Marge Albright at (507) 421-5184 or by email at or Shelley Gustafson at (507) 269-2597 or by email at

POTATO PREPARATION begins Tuesday, August 22, 6 pm to 9 pm and continues every Tuesday through October 17 in the church kitchen. Potatoes will be provided. Bring your own peeler if you have a favorite one! To sign up for potato prep, please contact Becky Knoepke (check your directory or contact the office at (507) 364-7110 or if you need her contact information).

LEFSE BAKES begin on Wednesday morning, August 23 and continue through October 18. Flippers and rollers are needed each Wednesday morning at 8 am for nine lefse bakes. Mixers–please report no earlier than 7:30 am. Make plans now to attend one or all of the bakes. No previous experience needed. Coffee will be served mid-morning.

LEFSE LAUNDRY. Another way you can help is with the lefse laundry. Lefse laundry consists of sheets from the cooling tables and the dish towels and rolling pin and rolling board covers used weekly. This is a great way to help behind the scenes and can be done in your home. Laundry is ready for pickup on Wednesdays at noon and needs to be returned to the church in time for setup the following Tuesday.

From young to old, there are so many opportunities to help with our lutefisk dinner preparation. Even if only for an hour or two, you are needed! In the next weeks and months, specific preparations will be highlighted in our announcements. Please consider the ways in which you can help.