Mission Possible!

RandyFettFriends, what is the mission of the church? The church has asked this question ever since the day of Jesus Christ. The church was founded on Christ’s death and resurrection, on God’s plan of salvation. Nowadays with all the challenges that we face in culture, throughout the world, and even in the church we ask if this mission is even possible. This month we engage the belief that “yes, it is possible.” Invite people to church, invite them to join you in your work groups, ministry teams, events, or studies.

“We are a faith – filled community, welcoming, inspiring, serving, and reaching out through the love of God.” We have so much to offer. Each of us is a Christ engaging presentation of the mission. Now “Go,” as Jesus says, “Go, and do mission.”

On Sunday, the 2nd we remember all of those saints in our community who have died in the past year, from the 2nd-12th we will do a survey on summer worship, on the 9th we share in the women’s Thank Offering service and vote on Amanda’s AIM call, on Sunday, the 2rd we dedicate all the memorials that were given in the past year, and on Thanksgiving eve, the 26th, we worship at 6:30 p.m.

God bless you,

Pastor Randy

Fall Youth Events

BenNicholasWe are cruising along this fall in the youth world!! In September we partnered with ten other churches to offer our students a mini-youth gathering called “Rise up Rochester” which was held at the Boys and Girls Club in Rochester, MN. Then we had a car wash the following day where we washed over 100 cars and raised over $400 for the National Youth Gathering! We also held our first 5th-6th grade fun night on October 14th! These events will continue on in the future for our 5th-6th grade youth. The high school youth have been growing in their faith by diving in the book Can I Ask That? during Peer Ministry. The P.L.A.G.U.E (youth group) has also been very active with our youth! We had fifteen youth watch God’s Not Dead and over twenty-five youth go to Buffalo Wild Wings for a time of fellowship.

Please pray for us and/or join us for the following events:

  • November 14th-15th Youth Blast
  • November 16th Chili Cook Off & Bingo Night
  • November 21st-22nd Peer Ministry Retreat
  • Coffee Serving on Sundays

In Faith,

Ben Nicholas


More about the Flu and Enterovirus D-68

I’ve got a few extra things to say about the flu vaccine that I didn’t mention in the last Messenger. For those of you who want to play Russian Roulette, and not get the vaccine, we health advocates say it’s not about only you, but it’s also about protecting the community that you live in which includes your family and friends. I’ve heard several people say that “I never get sick so I don’t need a shot,”  but as I’ve learned the hard way to never say never!

Because I’m a new grandmother, and want to visit Teagan occasionally I owe it to her to get a flu shot. There are many walk-in clinics in Rochester and the area that you can go to to get immunized, but since I’m over 65 yrs. old, I made an appointment at the Kasson Clinic to get a Quadrivalent flu shot. This means that I’m getting shot with a vaccine that provides protection against 4 viruses instead of the trivalent or 3 strains. If you’ve already gotten your vaccine, congratulations!

Another nasty bug that’s on the prowl in MN, and at least 46 other states, is called enterovirus D-68. It is responsible for some of the recent increases in pediatric admissions and deaths for severe respiratory illnesses in several hospitals. It typically begins as cold-like symptoms, but worsens suddenly causing some patients to have trouble breathing, especially kids with pre-existing asthma. Health official have advised that if your child develops “high fever that doesn’t get better, severe cough, difficulty breathing, severe wheezing, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea with difficulty staying hydrated,” it’s time to contact your health provider. In a small percentage of the nonpolio enterovirus-D68 cases, patients require intensive care-unit assistance.

Health officials suggest the following measures to help limit the spread of the enterovirus D-68 virus plus other nasty viruses:

  1. Limit your contact with others! Don’t be stupid!  Stay home and don’t go to work or school.
  2. Cover your coughs and sneezes.
  3. Wash your hands often with soap and water for 20 seconds, especially after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing, going to the bathroom, or changing diapers.
  4. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  5. Avoid kissing, hugging, and sharing cups or eating utensil with people who are sick – even if it’s a movie star!
  6. Disinfect frequently touched surfaces, such as toys and doorknobs, especially if someone is sick. I add vinegar to soapy water for extra protection.
  7. Take advantage of available vaccines, like influenza and pneumococcal vaccine.

You should wear a mask for a respiratory illness if you need to go out. I wish you all a healthy fall and winter.

Take care, Genny

Give all your worries to him, because he cares about you.” 1 Peter 5:7

Welcome to Our Newest Staff Member

SherylMiller2We welcome Ms. Sheryl Miller to the St. John’s staff as our new part-time secretary/receptionist.

Sheryl spent the majority of her working years in South Dakota as the South Dakota Director of HUD and later as Presentation and Volunteer Coordinator at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church, Sioux Falls, SD. Sheryl recently moved to Rochester to be closer to her family.


Coffeehouse Concert

Join St. John’s Adult Fellowship Sunday night, November 9, for some local entertainment, specialty drinks and treats, lefse sale, silent auction including quits, a nativity set, and more!

Freewill offering will support St. John’s general fund. Thrivent Financial for Lutherans is supporting this event with matching funds from Thrivent Choice up to $3,000 and an anonymous donor pledged a match up to $200.

See you there for a great evening!

CoffeehouseConcert 110914

Confirmation Camp 2015

Confirmation Summer Camp 2015 registration is due November 15, 2014! See below for more information.

Why go to camp? This is the best youth ministry program of the church. It is a week away from home, sometimes the first time for many of the students, so it is a real step in maturity and growth, an important stage of life. There is no place in the church or society that you get a week like this. You learn about Christian community, you experience Jesus Christ, and you study the Bible. In a unique way you learn what it means to serve, as each camper participates in community life, worship planning, campfire building, cooking, dishes, and camp duties. You live in cabin groups for the week with a trained college-aged camp counselor who just happens to be the best faith mentor that the youth of our church can find. I mean they have decided to spend the summer doing the Lord’s work, often times giving up well-paying jobs so they can live and breathe camp, work with our youth and follow the path of service and mission and ministry in Jesus’ name. You can’t beat it.

As campers you get to do all kinds of adventurous things. You will also get to participate in invigorating games of eliminator on the volleyball court, or just hang near the canteen, learn songs, or tie friendships bracelets. On one night you may even play Alpha Wolf. At camp we follow the camp’s Bible study for the week. There are usually campers from around the 4-5 state area as well so our youth meet other youth from other churches. This is cool. Often times they are texting each other before they even get to the first town on the day that we leave camp. Some of these camper and counselor relationships have lasted a lifetime and even fostered calls into the full-time ministry like with us pastors and youth ministers.

We highly recommend that students go to camp following their 7th grade year, as in the summer of 8th grade year it is the Kasson-Mantorville school-sponsored class trip to Washington, DC. We ask students to attend at least one week of camp during their 7th and 8th grade years of confirmation.

Before camp, on our adventure, we will usually leave early enough before camp starts so that we can do some site seeing and explore the area before camp starts, get aquatinted a little better, and share in some spiritual enrichment and faith growth time as a group.

Now doesn’t this sound like something that you just can’t pass up? More information will follow. We will need parents to volunteer to either lend their larger Suburban- or minivan-sized vehicles for us to drive in order to save money or volunteer to drive out and spend the week with us.

Approximate Dates for camps:

  • Outlaw Ranch Class Trip, Black Hills of SD, Leave Friday, June 19 and return Friday, June 26.
  • Good Earth Camp, Spring Valley (SE), MN – parents take kids down and pick up, Sunday, June 14– Friday, June 19

We will also host Fundraisers once we have commitments as to who is going to camp.

Scholarships are available.

What do you do now?” Register! Register today! Don’t delay! We need to have you pay the upfront deposit first to commit to going. And then we will work with you in order to raise the remainder of the funds. As a last resort, through the pastors of the church, if help is still needed, the camp always extends half fee scholarships to families in need. Registration is due by November 15, 2014. Fill this form out and attach your $150 deposit. Make the check out to “St. John’s Lutheran.” If it makes it easier, you can write in your charge card info and the camp can charge your deposit to you account.

Hoping you can be a part of this trip! Excited for summer 2015, Pastor Randy, and the St. John’s CYF Team

Oasis Meals – Nov. 2014

Join us for a meal every Wednesday evening. Suggested donation of $5/person or $20/family. The menu for the upcoming weeks is:

  • November 5 – Tacos/Nachos
  • November 12 – Baked Chicken Breast
  • November 19 – Loaded baked potatoes
  • November26 – No Meal – Thanksgiving break

Find the menu any time on the calendar.

Mission & Outreach Projects in November

On November 2 and 5, the Mission and Outreach Commission hosted an ELCA Good Gifts table. If you missed the table but still want to explore ways for your Christmas giving to make a difference in the lives of others, check out

November 9 is Lutheran Campus Ministry day. Check out this video sharing the story of the exciting ministries in Mankato and Winona:

The Mission of the Month for November will be Kim (Musolf) Schellhammer. She is diabetic and is in end stage chronic kidney failure.   Please remember her and her family in your prayers.

We will again be setting up the “Giving Tree” for SEMCAC families to enjoy a brighter Christmas. Please watch the announcements for the dates.


Support Our Ringing Choirs

Community Days bookletBuy a Herberger’s Community Days Coupon Booklet for $5 and you will receive a $10 coupon plus several other coupons. St Johns Ringing Choirs get to keep the $5. Community Days are November 14th and 15th. You can purchase a coupon booklet from any Sr. Bell ringer or Linda Wunderlich (

Harvest Time Thank You

harvestArea farmers are working hard on their mission at this time of year.  They are out in their fields harvesting crops so that they can feed the  hungry wherever they exist. Thank You!


Packing Hospice/AIDS Kits

This group of people packed 37 Hospice/AIDS kits that will go to Global Missions and then sent to Joyce Mtinda Kimumbe who is the Palliative Care Director at the Iambi Hospital in Singida, Tanzania. This project was funded by St. John’s congregational gifts and from the Thrivent Action Fund. The goal is to complete 50 kits. The students in this group are from Kasson-Mantorville school and come to St. John’s every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to complete projects as part of a six-week school project.

Packing AIDs kits for Africa