2018 and 2019 for St. John’s Finance Committee were focused on evaluating processes and policies. These efforts were meant to improve upon procedures for committees and staff, but the main focus was to ensure we capture accurate information for budget and financials. At the annual budget meeting, we focused on reviewing and highlighting the major changes that took place in 2019; if you were unable to attend you should consider this meeting for 2020. It is informative, transparent, and we answer individuals’ questions regarding the budget and the congregation’s financial position.

2020 will hopefully be a year of financial strength and continued improvement, to support the trends we are starting to see. The Finance Committee wants to thank each and every congregation member for their continued financial support of St. John’s. Because of you, we are able to support all the ministries of this congregation, as well as staff and building operations/repairs.

The numbers shared in the following graphs depict the areas we have struggled with recently and have been the focus of the Finance Committee. Our debt is reducing, but more importantly our Due to Dedicated borrowing has all been repaid. To further support this positive outlook, our checking account balance had a positive and healthy balance to begin 2020.

In 2019 we also made single non-reoccurring changes that helped our income for the general fund. We have transferred $7,800 of Thrivent Choice funds from a dedicated account to the general fund to help support the day to day needs of the church. Creation Kids Preschool was fully incorporated into the Church Financial statements and ended the year with net income. We also received a generous donation of $4,000 from the Lutefisk Bake Sale to help pay back our Due to Dedicated debt.

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Last Modified: January 31, 2020