Annual Meeting

St. John’s Lutheran Church’s Annual Meeting will take place virtually on Sunday, January 24, at 11:00 am. Everyone is invited to attend the meeting by Zoom or by phone.

Registration has closed for eligible voters. This allowed us to properly verify voters and ensure there is a quorum in attendance. Registered voters received detailed information about the voting process by email. If you missed the email, contact office@stjohnskasson.org or (507) 634-7110. In order to vote, an eligible and registered voter must attend the meeting even if submitting a paper ballot.

Annual Report

The Annual Report is the story of ministry at St. John’s over the past year. It is also documents to prepare for the Annual Meeting, including the agenda, opening litany, and proposed budget. Click the button to download or pick up a hard copy in the office. 

Meeting Access

Everyone is welcome to attend the Annual Meeting! Only pre-registered members will be eligible to vote, but all may participate in learning more about the status of the vibrant ministries at St. John’s.


If you need phone access, contact office@stjohnskasson.org or call (507) 634-7110 for the passcode. Both email and phone will be staffed Sunday moring.


At the time of the meeting (11:00 am, Sunday, January 24), click the button below to access. Be patient as our administrators admit the participants. 

Enter the meeting

Meeting Logistics

Those who registered have received further information by email. Here are the basics:

The Annual Meeting will take place by Zoom. This is accessible through any web-enabled device – computer, tablet, smartphone. If you haven’t used Zoom before, we recommend you utilize https://zoom.us/test to test your device’s ability to connect to Zoom. For the best experience, have a device with camera and microphone capabilities, but they are not required. For those not able to access by web, there will also be a phone number available to call in for the audio (can also be used if accessing on a computer without audio capabilities). If you need that information, contact office@stjohnskasson.org or (507) 634-7110 (these will be staffed Sunday morning). 

Voting details were shared in an email to registered voters. If you misplaced your email, contact office@stjohnskasson.org or (507) 634-7110.

Check out the tutorial below for more information if you’re new to Zoom!