Dear Members and Friends of St. John’s,

On behalf of our Congregation Council and Property Commission, we write this short letter of request.

First, let us thank all of you who have and are giving generously to the work and ministry we share. Our people are faithful, and our financial picture is generally bright. We are encouraged for the long-term future of our congregation. Our budget is tight, though, and we do run into cash flow problems, which our finance people work hard to manage.

You’ll not be getting a lot of letters, but we’re asking for some extra help, which we may do from time to time. Most families struggle with unforeseen expenses, and so does our congregation. For the last six months or so, the Property Commission has been aware a low level of water in the heating system, indicating a possible leak. The trick was to find the leak. With the help of Deklever Mechanical, the leak was finally located in a length of pipe that is buried under concrete in the Narthex, just outside the entrance to the sanctuary. The final cost of rerouting that section of pipe hasn’t been determined, but it won’t be cheap. We will save as much money as possible by using volunteer labor where we can.

To handle this, and other unpredictable costs, and avoid increasing our debt, the Council is sponsoring a special fund drive, with a goal of $20,000. We are off to a good start. With just one unannounced “bucket” offering, we raised $869. We strongly urge this not to be at be the expense of regular giving, or “globe offering.” The “bucket” reminds us that when everyone gives a little we can share large expenses.

Please consider a raise in your weekly giving by some generous amount, or giving a one-time special gift. To be sure that you get credit write a check or put the money in an envelope. Drop it in the $5 bucket on Sunday, mail it, or get it to us any way you can. If not in the bucket, please label it for the “Bucket Fund.”

Thanks, already, for all of the resources you contribute to our important and growing ministry.  As your leaders, we promise to manage those resources faithfully and responsibly.

Humbly, In the Name of Christ,

John D. Allen, Pastor
Jennifer L. Smith, Congregation President