Sunday, June 14-Friday, June 19, 2020

Registration Details

  • Please make Lindsay aware (by email if not at the meetings, which program your student is planning to take part in.
  • If you plan to have your child attend camp a different week than listed above please include that information.
  • Camp is open to current 3rd-12th graders=Full week
    • Seekers: open to current 3rd and 4th graders, 2nd graders may register if parents feel student is ready for a full week of camp.
    • Wagoneers: open to current 5th and 6th graders
    • Confirmation camp: open to current 6th, 7th, and 8th graders
    • Jr. Wranglers: open to current 8th-11th graders
    • Riverboaters: open to current 8th-12th graders
    • Voyageurs: open to current 8th-11th graders
    • Staff in Training/Leaders in Training: Open to current 10th and 11th graders; this is a 3 week program, talk to Lindsay if you are interested in this

Online Registration

  • This year each family will register their student through Sugar Creek’s online registration system. This system can be found at the Sugar Creek website at under the drop down “Summer Camp.”
  • All information and forms that will need to be filled out are available through this webpage. If you would rather use the paper forms please connect with Lindsay and we work things out.
  • At the time of registration you will need to make a $100 payment. The total that families will pay for camp is $200. The rest will be covered by fundraising. You may pay the full $200 right away or go back in and pay the remainder later, no later than June 1.
  • When you choose the amount to pay please choose Tier 3 or the HS minimum (which is $480). I will take care of paying the remainder of our balance.
  • When you register online you may add canteen money for your student at that time as well. Riverboat students do not need canteen money, they may bring pocket money for the one time they are able to go to the canteen.
  • Please choose St. John’s Lutheran Church Kasson when you complete the camper profile form.


  • All students who attend camp must take part in 10 fundraising events between now and when we go to camp. If all 10 are completed the remainder of the cost of camp will be covered.
  • Students who do not fulfill this 10 event requirement will need to cover the balance of the cost of camp. (Tier 3=$395, HS minimum=$480)
  • Once you have let Lindsay know that your student is attending camp she will email you the links to sign-up for the varying fundraising events.
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Last Modified: March 4, 2020