St. John’s Foundation

St. John’s Lutheran Church Foundation was established in 1982 with the purpose  of enhancing the mission of St. John’s by providing a perpetual source of revenue to aid in the work of the church. A foundation receives gifts or donations and invests those resources to generate income. The initial holdings of the foundation are never spent since they are the basis of generating the income. That income then becomes a revenue stream that can be distributed year after year. The larger the amount in the foundation, the larger the revenue stream it can generate. While the Foundation is under the control of the church council, it has its own constitution and by-laws and is run by a board of elected church members. These rules determine how much and in what areas the income generated from the Foundation can be distributed.

Some funds are donated to the Foundation directly, some have come in the form of stocks, gifts from an estate or memorials. All donations become part of the base resources of the Foundation and are invested to create a larger stream of revenue for distribution. If people are looking for a place to donate, that will keep on giving into the future, the St. John’s Lutheran Church Foundation is the perfect vehicle.

2020 Applications

All applications are due by March 31, 2020.

  • Beyond the Budget application – Word or PDF
  • College Scholarship application – Word or PDF

Distribution Guidelines

The purpose of St. John’s Lutheran Church Foundation is to enhance the gospel outreach of St. John’s Lutheran Church by investing gifts to the Foundation and making distributions from the earnings for St. John’s Church facilities and programs and for ELCA missions and programs.

The St. John’s Lutheran Church Foundation accepts applications of request for the distribution of the Foundation’s income. In accordance with the Foundation’s bylaws, each year a portion of the income generated from the gifts to the Foundation is to be distributed to four categories. The four categories are:

  1. Beyond the Budget – extraordinary programs/capital improvements or other ministry initiatives within the congregation
  2. Scholarship or Youth – scholarships and/or youth projects – college scholarships are for St. John’s members who are attending a Lutheran affiliated college
  3. Local Missions – outreach into the local community such as new ministry starts, Bible camps, Lutheran Campus Ministry
  4. Worldwide Missions – ELCA Churchwide ministries – i.e. missionary sponsorship, ELCA Global Missions, ELCA World Hunger

Any committee, commission, or person who feels they have a project or need that would qualify under one of the four categories should turn in an application to the St. John’s Lutheran Church Foundation to request funding.

2020 Foundation members are: Ron Albright, Dave Bornfleth, Clark Johnson, Jim Sands, and Renee Solberg.

Inquires can be directed to the Foundation members or to