In 2004 St. John’s started supporting the ministry of Pastor Mioche in Bouyahah and Pingnon, Haiti. Since then, we have supported the Pastor Mioche’s ministry financially and by sending clothing, household items, school supplies, and more. We also played a large part in constructing a building for a school in a very remote part of North Central Haiti.

In 2013, ten of St. John’s members visited Haiti. Our goal was to raise $10,000 for the first phase of the school building. Thanks to St. John’s generosity and commitment to this ministry, we raised $23,000. Phase One consists of three classrooms and a kitchen. Construction on Phase Two has begun and continues whenever funds become available. Phase Two contains enough classrooms so that all the children can be out of the elements, as well as an administrative room and a secure storage room. At school, the children receive a hot lunch; many times this is the only meal the kids get all day. The 2013 mission team also provided medical care to the village, taught bible study to the children, had a women’s bible study, and taught young men how to build solar panels.

Haiti Needs List – January 2023

  • School Supplies
    • Pens (working)
    • Pencils (new or used, at least 6 inches long)
    • Crayons (whole, or broken)
    • Scissors (children’s safety)
    • Colored Chalk (for chalk board)
    • Geometric Instrument Sets (small, plastic for students, ruler, 4″ protractor, 3″ 45°/90° triangle, 4″ 30°/60° triangle, compass)
    • Geometric Instrument Sets (large, plastic for teachers, ruler, protractor, 45°/90° triangle, 30°/60° triangle, compass)
    • Back Packs (small, light duty, for book bag)
    • Shapes and Fruits Learning Posters
    • Glue (white, Elmer’s or similar, liquid or stick)
    • White Out (for teachers)
  • Food
    • Peanut Butter (any type, 16 oz preferred, but any size okay)
    • Children’s Vitamins
    • Powdered Milk
  • Clothing
    • Underwear (men’s, women’s, boy’s, girl’s)  
    • Socks
    • Children’s Shoes
    • Misc (most anything else)
  • Musical Instruments
    • Trumpet
    • Saxophone
    • Any band instruments
  • Children’s Toys (small, Happy Meal, etc.)
  • Laptops
  • Smart Phones
  • Tools (reasonable quality)
    • Electric Drills
    • Electric Saws
    • Hand Tools (hammer, saw, screw driver, pliers, etc.)
    • Mechanic’s Tools (socket sets, wrenches, etc.)
  • Generators (working or not)
  • Welders (electric stick, any vintage)
  • Tractor (small/medium utility, diesel, willing to discuss any possibilities)

The Globe Offering for which this was created has passed, but check out this great overview of our ministry partnership:

We post updates directly to the Haiti Mission blog. You can also read other news about our ministry below.

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