Haiti Mission

While in Haiti, we saw how dehydration played a huge part in Haitian’s health. The children at lunch had bowls for their rice but, nothing for water. We ordered 250 cups that say Friend’s of Christ in Creole, to give to the student’s at the school in Bouyaha.

In 2004 St. John’s started supporting the ministry of Pastor Mioche in Bouyahah and Pingnon, Haiti. Since then, we have supported the Pastor Mioche’s ministry financially and by sending clothing, household items, school supplies, and more. We also played a large part in constructing a building for a school in a very remote part of North Central Haiti.

In 2013, ten of St. John’s members visited Haiti. Our goal was to raise $10,000 for the first phase of the school building. Thanks to St. John’s generosity and commitment to this ministry, we raised $23,000. Phase One consists of three classrooms and a kitchen. Construction on Phase Two has begun and continues whenever funds become available. Phase Two contains enough classrooms so that all the children can be out of the elements, as well as an administrative room and a secure storage room. At school, the children receive a hot lunch; many times this is the only meal the kids get all day. The 2013 mission team also provided medical care to the village, taught bible study to the children, had a women’s bible study, and taught young men how to build solar panels.

The Globe Offering for which this was created has passed, but check out this great overview of our ministry partnership:

We post updates directly to the Haiti Mission blog. You can also read other news about our ministry below.

News from our partnership in Haiti

    Haiti Update - August 2021

    Through the pandemic, the fragile political landscape following the assassination of the Haitian president, and an earthquake, our ministry partnership with Haiti continues. The photos below are updates from the building of a medical clinic that St. John’s contributed $3,000 to building near the school in Pingnon, Haiti. In August Pastor Mioche sent an update of their ministry. They are currently providing quality education to 465 children; their churches serve four communities; they run a radio station to share the good news; they help families with small business initiatives including raising eggs, honey, and fish; and they have been distributing Creole Bibles.

    Pastor Mioche and Friends of Christ Ministry are all safe from the earthquake on August 14. The epicenter of the earthquake was in the southwest region of Haiti. Friends of Christ are locate in the north central region. The earthquake was large enough that it was felt in Pignon and Bouyaha but no damage to anything in either town. Please continue to pray for our brothers and sister in Haiti as the recover from yet any that tragic earthquake.

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    Bibles distributed in Haiti

    As part of St. John's partnership in Haiti, we have helped to support a wide variety of projects. One recent use of the financial resources we shared with them was the purchase of new Bibles.

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    Thank you for your ongoing support in Haiti

    So many families and school children are grateful and blessed by our recent food distribution to provide relief during these difficult times.  We wanted to share with you and thank you as well for your continued support in helping God's people in Haiti.  Thank you again St John and stay with the Blessings of God.

    ~ Pastor Mioche

    Pastor Mioche shared the following images of the ministry taking place with our partners in Haiti. 

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    2019 Haiti Mission Trip

    Unfortunately, the Haiti Mission trip has been postponed. Due to the current civic unrest and crime in Haiti there is a Department of State travel advisory. The group will continue to raise funds for the projects they are supporting as discussed below.

    On March 21-28, 2019, eight people from southeastern Minnesota will travel to visit our mission partners in Haiti. From St. John's: Jen Smith, Emilie and Luckinger Hilaire, Wayne Hendrickson, and Dennis Foster. From Rochester Central Lutheran School: Missy Tjosaas. And from St. Paul Lutheran Church in Pine Island: Pastor Marie Anderson and Kari Toft.

    Planned projects:

    • Children's VBS in Bouyaha and in Pignon
    • Taking student pictures in Bouyaha
    • Women’s bible study
    • Health education and wellness clinics
    • Food distribution to Families in Bouyaha
    • Basic sewing classes
    • Solar powered computer lab at the school in Bouyaha
    • Rehabbing Bouyaha homes (cement floor, roof repair)
    • Funding for a truck (partnership with two other congregations)

    Before the trip, St. John's is working to raise $15,000 for three of these projects:

    • $4,500 for a solar powered computer lab. This will include the solar power infrastructure and 11 laptop computers.
    • $4,000 will go to providing cement floors and metal roofs for homes in Bouyaha, upgrading from dirt floors and makeshift roofs.
    • $6,500 is St. John's portion of a total $20,000 goal for a reliable pickup truck. Two congregations in Illinois will share the total cost. We're also looking for leads on a 2004-2010 3/4 or 1 ton, 4-door, diesel, 4 WD, manual transmission pickup with reasonable mileage.

    There are ways the team is asking for help meeting this goal:

    • Come to the February 20 Oasis meal. Donations will go to support these projects. A pizza supper will be served 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm.
    • Join us again for a Pulled Pork Luncheon on Sunday, March 17 starting at 11:30 am.
    • Cash donations are always welcome! Cash or check to St. John's Lutheran Church clearly marked for Haiti Mission can be placed in the weekly offering or left in the office.

    All funds raised will directly toward those we serve. Each team member is paying his or her own expenses. 

    Your prayers are also needed! Pray for:

    • The team as they travel
    • The team as they complete God's work
    • The students in Bouyaha
    • Pastor Mioche and his staff
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    Some video scenes from our ministry in Haiti

    St. John's has a long standing relationship with Pastor Mioche Rock and his Christian ministries in Haiti. St. John's worked in partnership with Pastor Mioche Rock to fulfill a dream of providing a Christian school in rural Bouyaha, Haiti.

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    Helping feed people in Haiti

    We received the following letter from Pastor Mioche in Haiti:

    From: Friends of Christ Haitian Ministry (FCHM)
    To: Kasson friends of Haiti

    Dear friends,

    We are happy to greet you in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We want to express our gratitude to you for your great response upon the request of Pastor Marie Anderson to assist us in transporting some donated food to our location in Pignon, Haiti.

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