On Thursday, October 15 at 10:00 am we’ll do our first Ministry of Encouragement (MOE) visit to the Fairview Nursing Center. We will be thanking the Fairview staff for all the work they do for our community. You are invited to participate either by bringing coffee and snacks to St. John’s ahead of time and/or by actually accompanying us over to Fairview. (It’s really important that we get 8-10 people to come along to Fairview so we can show the staff how important their work is.)

Although our visit will be short – only as long as it takes to introduce ourselves and present a certificate of thanks (about 15-20 minutes) – these MOEs are pretty powerful ways to thank those whose work in our community goes largely unnoticed.

Sign up at the Welcome Center or in the office or contact Pastor Dana  (507-634-7110 or dana@stjohnskasson.org) if you can help or have any questions.