On Wednesday, November 3 we were blessed to have our ministry partner Pastor Mioche Rock from Pignon, Haiti, join us for worship. Pastor Mioche delivered a message during worship, reminding us of the important role we have in helping others, and in particular the work St. John’s is doing to sustain and grow the ministry in Haiti. He described the situation in Haiti as dire right now but reminded us that hope is not lost. We are making a difference. We may not be able to change the economic and political situation, but we can change Haiti by changing lives one person at a time. The work we do provides hope and a vision of a better future for Haiti.

Following worship, Pastor Mioche met in the Fellowship Hall to talk about the many ministry projects St. John’s is supporting. He talked about creating followers of Christ, addressing food insecurity, repairing/constructing homes, raising chickens for eggs, goat exchange, medical treatment, bead blessings, and much more. He is forever thankful for our partnership.

The school remains a primary focus and currently provides education and meals to 405 children. Pastor Mioche talked about a sponsorship program where for $35 per month you can sponsor a child’s education. $35 per month covers the cost of books, uniforms, food, and teacher salaries. He asks that we each prayerfully consider sponsoring a child.

It was nice to see Pastor Mioche in person and to build on our friendship and partnership. For more information, feel free to contact Dennis Foster.

Below you can view his presentation, information on sponsoring students, and his sermon from worship.