St. John’s has a long standing relationship with Pastor Mioche Rock and his Christian ministries in Haiti. St. John’s worked in partnership with Pastor Mioche Rock to fulfill a dream of providing a Christian school in rural Bouyaha, Haiti. The Friends of Christ Christian School stands today as a direct result of St. John’s generosity and provides a Christian environment for education and nourishment to more than 350 children. St. John’s also supports the Bead Blessings from Haiti ministry which provides hope and financial stability to many Haitian women and their families. The Christian radio station in Pignon spreads the word of God and provides a much needed community service. Due to St. John’s generosity, the radio station received much needed equipment upgrades, significantly increasing its reach and reliability. Watch the videos to see God’s work in action and to learn more about these amazing ministries and the impact they are making.

If you feel called to support this ministry, visit the Haiti Mission page to learn more about opportunities including sewing projects, child sponsorship, and a wishlist of things your financial gifts may help fund.

Friends of Christ Christian School, Bouyaha, Haiti

These are some of the “Hopes & Dreams” of the children in the rural village of Bouyaha, Haiti. Friends of Christ Christian School is educating these children to become the future leaders of Haiti and through the Sponsorship Program hopes to make their dreams and others like them become a reality. See how you can become involved in the Sponsorship Program and help their dreams come true!

Bead Blessings From Haiti

These are testimonies of some of the women/artisans who are involved in the Bead Blessings from Haiti program. They share how their lives, the lives of their children, families, and their community are being impacted through learning the art of crafting paper jewelry. For all of you who have helped along the way…Thank You!

Building a Future of Hope

Pastor Mioche Rock shares the need for a Sponsorship Program and Construction Project in Bouyaha, Haiti. Due to the ever growing needs of the children and limited classroom space classes often have 50-60 children. There is also a new ruling by the government that the schools need to go to 9th grade. Friends of Christ Christian School grades range from K-6th. This is a great way to get your Missions team involved in helping the children find hope in their future through a better environment of learning.

Friends of Christ Haitian Ministry 2017

Find out how “Friends of Christ Haitian Ministry”, brings hope to the people of Haiti through special projects created under the leadership and guidance of Pastor Mioche Rock and Friends of Christ Haitian Ministry.