Reflecting on stewarding what we have

We have spent a great deal of time so far this year reflecting over what it means to be faithful stewards of all that God has given us. Over the past many weeks, we’ve heard sermons from our ministry leaders and temple talks from a variety of voices within our congregation, we’ve spent time in study with the book Giving to God by Mark Allan Powell, and we’ve been learning a new way to think and talk about about stewardship. Leadership is hopeful that the God has been going to work on your own life of faith, to encourage you through the work of the Holy Spirit to steward your gifts of time, talents, and finances in ways that are familiar, and to stretch yourself just a bit to use those gifts in new ways as well.

Commitment Services

On Sunday, October 27 and Wednesday, October 30 during worship, we will be collecting “Commitment Cards” to help us plan for next year’s ministry here at St. John’s. Sometimes referred to as “pledge cards,” we are thinking about stewardship this year not only in regards to our financial pledge, but also your willingness to commit your time and your talents for next year. These commitment cards will include a space for you to indicate your offering of financial support and sacrifice, as well as your other God-given gifts.

Cards are available now in the Narthex or the office if you haven’t picked one up yet! If you can’t attend the 27th or 30th, place them in the offering basket or bring to the office any time through November 15.

Time for prayer

Leadership asks that you prayerfully consider your current level of stewardship of your time, talents and finances, to consider the many needs that need to be met here in our congregation, and make a commitment according to your means for 2020. In order to do our best in planning for next year, we are asking you to let us know your intentions by putting your commitment card in the basket at one of our worship services, or by leaving your card with your name on it in the front office.

You are a blessing

In Acts 20:35, it says that “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” And we, as a community of faith, have been truly blessed through your generosity. Thanks be to God for the gifts He has given to us all, most-especially the gift of His Son, Jesus Christ, in whom we have freely received grace upon grace; grace meant to be shared freely and generously with the world. Amen.

Mark your calendars

We want to say thank you for all who are responding to God’s grace in your life by sharing it with others. And, what better way for us to do this than over a meal! Whether your gift is one of time, talents, or your finances, we want you to know that we appreciate the ways that you have stewarded all of your gifts this past year, and given them freely and generously to the life and ministries here at St. John’s. 

We have two options for you to come and join us:

  • Sunday, November 3, 9:00 am
  • Wednesday, November 6, 5;30 pm

No need to RSVP! Just come and spend some time with us celebrating the many and varied gifts that have made ministry possible here this past year!