Opportunities to serve the community with Meals on Wheels

St. John’s members generously volunteer their time one week every six weeks to deliver meals in our community through the Meals on Wheels program. Each day of that week the deliveries take about an hour. The other five weeks volunteers from other congregations do the deliveries.

We are currently looking for a leader who can make a few phone calls if there are volunteer slots left to fill (sometimes 1-2 days need help getting filled). We’re also always welcoming more volunteers to help deliver meals. We train you, you sign up as you are available, and it’s a one-day-at-a-time commitment. St. John’s next week to deliver is September 24-28. Sign up on the calendar at the Welcome Center or in the office.

If you can help with either role, contact Ardis Grovdahl (temporary coordinator) at (507) 634-7644 or or speak with Sheryl in the office.

Oasis Bus Update

The new bus awaiting a paint job!

The new bus awaiting a paint job!

One of the great ministries of St. John’s is the Oasis Afterschool outreach program, where each week approximately 60 children have the chance to experience God’s love. This ministry would not be possible without the bus service that transports these children to St. John’s. Unfortunately, the bus that was donated to St. John’s several years ago has reached the end of its useful life, and had to be taken out of service last spring. A new bus was needed before the fall school season to continue the Oasis program.

St. John’s is fortunate to have found a replacement bus at a very reasonable cost of $3570 that should provide several years of service. To help offset that cost, the old bus has been scrapped in exchange for $1504.50. This brings the net cost of the new bus to $2065.50. Additionally, the old bus had recently received new front tires and batteries, and those were removed and kept for reuse prior to scrapping.

The only significant work required to put the bus in service is to paint it to meet legal requirements. A team of volunteers is being assembled to do that.

Thanks to all of St. John’s congregation for supporting this outreach ministry. Special thanks to Al Flickinger for ongoing maintenance and assisting with the purchase and scrapping of the buses and to Merrill Trapp for driving the bus.