By Nicole Hanson-Lynn

Grace and Peace to you, people of St. John’s Lutheran Church. I am writing in gratitude and celebration. I grew up in this congregation. You nurtured me, noticed my gifts and encouraged me to pursue my calling to ordained ministry. You taught me and gave me opportunities to teach. You showed me what it means to lead worship. You supported me with scholarships and prayers as I attended college and seminary. And now, I celebrate with you that I have completed my training. I graduated from Luther Seminary in August and was assigned to the Northern Great Lakes Synod (Upper Peninsula of Mich. and NE corner of Wis.).

So thank you: For your support throughout the years. For helping me discern this call to ministry. For walking with me through training. For being such a big part of my spiritual formation. Grace and peace be with you now, and I pray that you continue to be the blessing to others that you have been to me.

Ms. Hanson-Lynn will be ordained at St. John’s Saturday, January 25 at 1:00 pm. All are invited to this celebration.