Transition History

We’re now into the call process, but read on for more about the work we did December 2016-May 2018.

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5 Developmental Tasks

During our intentional interim process, we’ll work through the following steps. This is not a race! The standard timeframe is 12-18 months, but we will get through it in our own time.

  1. Coming to terms with history.
  2. Discovering a new identity.
  3. Negotiating shifts of power and leadership changes.
  4. Rethinking denominational linkages.
  5. Commitment to new leadership and a new future.


The St. John’s Lutheran Church Transition Team was formed in May 2017 by Interim Pastor John Allen and the congregational council to guide leadership during our intentional interim. We have spent time talking with staff, church leaders and congregation members to understand our rich history and begin to discern the future direction of our congregation.

Now is the time for conversation and discussion. The bullet points below are meant to start this dialogue with all church members. The list is not complete or “set in stone,” but is a “work in progress” we can focus on together. We invite each of you to read these items and share your thoughts. Your input will guide our next steps and future plans.

  • We have a rich history we can be proud of
    • We actively support a variety of ministries that benefit our local and global community
  • Change is a constant
    • Changes are opportunities for new ministry and growth
  • Clear expectations are fundamental to good leadership
    • Recent history in staff leadership demonstrated ambiguous expectations and unclear communication resulting in a rapid turnover in staff over a 10 year period
    • Congregational council has changed their focus to be more strategic and visionary
  • Future focused
    • We have an opportunity to align pastoral leadership to the vision and direction of St John’s Lutheran Church
  • Leadership development in the congregation
    • Council, Staff and Transition Team are all engaged in development as leaders and connecting to our congregation
  • We need YOU
    • Leaning and leading into the future together