The congregation at St. John’s has been supporting ministry in Haiti led by Pastor Mioche since 2004. Here are a list of things on their wish list. If you, your family, or your small group feels called to give, this is what your contributions will help support.

  1. Build 4 more classrooms (6-9 grade).
  2. Finish the Admin building’s second floor ($10K-$15).
  3. Food for the school including propane gas, $400-$500, 425 students this year.
  4. Fencing the whole yard with concrete blocks to prevent animals from foraging.
  5. Construction of a new church building in Pignon/Terre.
  6. We are praying for one or two vehicles donation for the ministry.
  7. There is the youth college scholarship program with 2 people in it right now. We would like to expend it to at least 5 people. It’s about $1,500-$2,000 a year to help a young person get a good college education.
  8. For $35 monthly, a child can be sponsored at our Bouyaha school.
  9. Start and build the Rock residence on top of the mission house.
  10. Buy more chicken layers to produce more eggs.
  11. Still want to start making big blocks of ice and ice cream business in Pignon to generate more revenues for the ministry.